In 1967 Oscar L. Naes founded The Scrubby Dutchmen, a mobile cleaning company. He began his business on a part time basis, but soon realized that the business had tremendous growth potential and he devoted his full time efforts to it. Before long The Scrubby Dutchmen was the largest mobile cleaning contractor in the area. Mr. Naes formula for success was simple; use well trained people with exceptional equipment and materials and the business will grow.

Mr. Naes used his formula for success and before long we at The Scrubby Dutchmen were designing and building our own high pressure washing equipment. We worked closely with private label chemical companies to develop the finest cleaning products in the industry.

Our continued success enabled us to expand to other related fields. In 1985 we opened our truck stop which included fuel, mini store and a drive through truck wash. Shortly after we opened the first of our four coin operated self service car washes. In 1988 we identified a need for a reliable sweeping service. Therefore we developed our own customized sweeping equipment. We can now sweep anything; parking lots, garages, construction sites and municipalities.

Since we are located in the Midwest, snow removal presented us with our next growth opportunity. We currently operate a fleet of snow plows and specialty snow removal equipment which are also capable of spreading ice melt. Consistent with our formula for success, we insist on using all our own equipment and operators to insure our exceptional quality.

The Scrubby Dutchmen — we believe our name says cleaning! And that's our business. Whether you need to purchase chemicals or contract services, come visit our web site and let us help you with all your cleaning needs.