The completely mobile cleaning system:

* Power Washing
* Trucks, trailors and brightening
* Paint and decal stripping
Frames, motors and fifth wheel
Cranes, bulldozers and heavy equipment
Inplant floors and machinery
* Sweeping: parking lots, garages, construction sites & municipalities
* Snowplowing

Up to 10,000 PSI of cleaning power
Our high pressure jet cleaning system is adjustable up to 10,000 PSI. Strong enough to blast off dried concrete. You can rely on Scrubby, we have the right equipment for every maintenance and cleaning job.

Our large fleet operates seven days a week
no extra charge for weekends
We work on a scheduled routine, or you can call us when you need us. Our fully trained drivers operate modern, powerful equipment and use the latest technology. We clean safely and efficiently with hot water or high quality chemicals, and we do it every day of the week.

When the pros're clean
Scrubby can save you time and money because we are experts. We know that each job is unique, so we can develop effective solutions for any situation. When you choose Scrubby, you are getting experienced, trained professionals who can opperate the most up-to-date equipment proficiently.

Our customers realize the benifits for keeping their equipment and rolling stock professionally clean:

* Longer lasting equipment
* Reduced maintenance costs
* Improved employee attitude
* Equipment is safer
* Reduced insurance costs
* Increased resale value

Like so many St. Louis companies, you can be sure that the job is done right when the Scrubby Dutchmen does it!